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Hello, Mini fans!

This page is intended to be a helpful resource about the Filofax Mini size organizer.  If there is anything helpful you'd like to see, please let me know!

  • The Mini size binder was discontinued by Filofax some years ago. 
  • The binders are extremely compact and easily fit into bags and some pockets. Some have very slim rings which makes them easier to fit into jean or coat pockets. They are popular as wallets. 
  • The page size is  67mm x 105mm (or 2.64" x 4.13"). 
  • Some people are not aware this size exists. 
  • Some folks are not aware that it's a different (smaller) size than Filofax Pocket, and sometimes purchase a Mini thinking it's the same size. 
  • Minis have 5 evenly spaced rings (while Pocket has 6 evenly spaced). This is a helpful tip if you are looking at photos online. 
  • The hole size on a Mini (4mm) is also smaller than the hole size on a Pocket (5mm), although some people use the Pocket size hole punch for both. With a Mini, you hope to use every little bit of the tiny page size, so this is something to note. The correct hole size on any binder also helps keep the paper from moving around so much when you're writing. 
  • Other organizers (all discontinued) that use the same page size are:
    • Radley UK
    • FranklinCovey Micro Size 1
    • Microfile Mini
    • Montblanc
How small is a Mini Filofax planner?

Here are my posts in the Mini category. This includes a lot of my going on about my Mini because I love it so! :)

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