Mini Filofax planner swap for July - and why :)

I've changed up my main Mini planner today to my Topaz Filofax in Sapphire.

This is a sentimental choice, because this month of July is our wedding anniversary month. When we got married in Alaska, we had a small and simple morning ceremony with a handful of great friends in a beautiful little park, under a tree, alongside a little garden.

At the time, we dedicated this same Topaz Sapphire Mini to our wedding planning. We chose a simple event and a short engagement. From choosing our park to arranging a beautiful (gluten-free!) cupcakes order, to a breakfast after-party at our favorite downtown cafe, the Mini was a perfect companion to our plans and was always in hand.

Some planning is just fun!

This color was a limited edition, and the Topaz model remains at the top of my list in beauty and style (and of course, we all loved this red one when starring in the 27 Dresses movie!). So, this one is now in rotation as my main - same set up and contents as before (just the binder swap). Oh, and here are the photos!

vanilla folders
mini filofax - topaz sapphire (limited edition)

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