Another Useful Way to Use Appointment Times in Your Planner

In addition to using the scheduled/time slots in your planner for scheduled appointments or tasks, another great method is to log exactly what you've actually been doing.

It turns out that some activities can take more of our time than we suspect.

The way I've been doing this is, in addition to appointments, is to fill in any activities and tasks which I intend to at a certain time.

If that time slot is spent as intended then I don't mark it up any further.

However, if I end up doing anything else, I go back and scribble in the actual activity in that time slot.

Some benefits I've seen from doing this and reviewing them are:

  • This has been very helpful and honest assessment as to how much time I loafed off or allowed myself to get wrapped up with something that wasn't on my original day plan. 
  • It is a very good technique for course correction, especially if you are trying to exchange one habit for another, etc. you can see opportunities to swap activities. It is easier to plan for or make progress on that upcoming deadline when other hurdles and hindrances become apparent. It is easier to make time for that special project, reading books, taking walks, etc. at home when I can step away from the cat videos. 
  • It is also helpful to help see what times of day I tend to stray from the plan. I am way more focused in the early mornings, and pretty much useless in the afternoons. 
  • It's clearer (or less fuzzy) to see where I need to build in some times to break away. Sometimes if I work too intently on something for too long, my eyes start to play tricks on me and thinking becomes difficult, which just results in taking longer than it should. 

And, best of all... reviewing these time logs is a wonderful insight to how much you have been accomplishing! Sometimes it's easy to feel like you're not seeing much progress on your to-do list, but it can be a real eye-opener and source of motivation when you look back over how much you have actually been accomplishing!

Thank you for reading, and happy planning! : )

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