Smartphone Addiction | Hanging Up series

Today's share in my ongoing smartphone break-up is another excellent video, Smartphone Addiction: The Epidemic Grows from Computing Forever.  This video is nearly five years old now but still sounds like it was just made today.

As previously mentioned, I am still untangling from the mindless and seemingly endless tendencies to pick up a device to check things, which I did for years when using a smartphone. I am still wondering when I will quit feeling this auto-pilot need. Anyone else? 


  1. Well now Heather! I'm old enough to remember the days when mobile communications were the stuff of spies in films, so I've always been a stationery boy really. That said I love my iPhone, mainly because I can carry my entire music library with me, and if I think hard enough I reckon I could manage without a phone altogether, just have an iPod. Maybe one day I'll take the plunge because to be honest I get more pleasure from my collection of Filofax, Midori and Field Notes, and it's blogs like yours that add to my inspiration. I wish you all the best for your move. All that way in your mobile home, and what a mobile home! It's so exciting, and I'm 4000 miles away!!

  2. Hi, Steve! Your kind words about this blog are much appreciated - thank you for saying that.

    Smartphones are handy and clever tools for folks who don't get lost in them! Many people are able to do this just fine; I've not yet figured out exactly when mine got out of control.

    Also many thanks for the well-wishes on our journey! The motorcoach that was pictured a few months ago has been sold (that one was our full-time home for a while). Now this upcoming trip will be in a much smaller rig!