February 2018 - How I used my Mini Filofax planner

We're currently on the move from east coast to west coast. We have limited access to WiFi during the road trip so who knows what day this will actually get posted!

The monthly pages are full of scrawls and scribbles with the activities before the trip getting ready for departure. During the trip, I like to write where we were staying each day.

We are using the trip plan sheet mentioned in last month's post. It's a simple list of each day's guesstimated drive from one city to the next, how many miles, etc. We're driving short distances each day and stopping to see a few people along the way.

mini monthly - feb 2018

Not everything fits in a mini

Thank you for visiting and reading : )

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Shops - Service Announcement

As part of our big move, our Etsy and eBay shops will be on hold from approximately Feb 16 through Mar 7. Also, access to messages will be sporadic during this time. Please get in touch before Feb 16 if you have questions! Thank you! :)

Smartphone Addiction | Hanging Up series

Today's share in my ongoing smartphone break-up is another excellent video, Smartphone Addiction: The Epidemic Grows from Computing Forever.  This video is nearly five years old now but still sounds like it was just made today.

As previously mentioned, I am still untangling from the mindless and seemingly endless tendencies to pick up a device to check things, which I did for years when using a smartphone. I am still wondering when I will quit feeling this auto-pilot need. Anyone else?