My first Mini Filofax :)

It is with much delight I occasionally have the treat to hear from someone who just got their very first Mini Filofax (even though the size is out of production).  I always smile and reminisce when I remember mine.

It was many moons ago. I had been using a Personal size already, and was going through a big transition in my life. I wanted a smaller organizer that would fit in my purse. I checked the catalog from the only place I knew of back then to purchase a Filofax - a shop in New York which I don't think is in business today.  And there I found my first-ever Mini.

I don't recall now if there were a lot to choose from. I selected a Mini Picadilly in blue. Not baby blue, not navy blue - but rather it's-so-blue!, bright, electric blue.  No shade of blue was my favorite color at the time, so I am not sure why it was chosen. It must have been calling to me!

When the package was delivered, I could hardly wait to see the organizer. I remember the floating feeling of near-disbelief when I opened the Filofax box. It's so tiny! Sheer astonishment that a normal, functioning planner could have been reduced to this miniature size. Needless to say it was love at first sight.

Instantly, it became a constant companion in my little black backpack-purse. I remember whipping it out of the purse all-abracadabra-like when trading numbers with someone. Fishing it out at lunches to jot down great ideas. Making notes while visiting towns and cities about the various areas to maybe live one day. What time the ferry will depart to the island. A list of flavors to bring back for folks when stopping to pick up the local must-have milkshake. Address of someone to mail a thank-you note. Most of these notes were scribbled in, sideways or not, sometimes haphazardly, in no sort of organized manner. The monthly and weekly calendars and address pages were used pretty much the same as I use them today.

I wish I had a picture of it to share, but I am happy to say I gifted it to a best friend over five years ago, and while it's not nearby for a photo shoot, it's in very good good hands. Though you can still get your sparkly eyes on by gazing at this lush Mini upon over at Sharondippity's page (thank you, Sharon!!).

Thank you for reading :)

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  1. I remember my first mini Filofax, too. I couldn't believe that such a tiny planner would be useful. But I fell in love with it and ordered it from eBay. I loved it! Unfortunately, it wasn't leather so the top layer started peeling off. I couldn't bear to throw it away so I still have it in use for extra pages and such. My next was a gorgeous fuschia I won on eBay. It's all leather and was expensive, which I hope means it'll last many, many years. I love reading your writings about how you use your mini and have borrowed a number of your ideas! So, thank you. Also, I've ordered from your store. Thank goodness there are still ways to keep the mini going!!

  2. Hi, Colleen - it's so great to see your name again! Thank you for sharing your your Mini story! I hope your lovely fuchsia continues to hold up - in my opinion, most look better over time with use and love anyway. I am so happy you visited again and loved your comment. :)