January 2018 - How I used my Mini Filofax planner

Hello, again! This month, the movers loaded up everything we're not hauling ourselves on the road trip for our big move. Yes, it's nearly time! Now we're wrapping up details, odds and ends around here and getting things fired up at the new place!

Speaking of moving... if you're reading this (thank you!), you somehow found us even though we moved this blog (from WordPress to Blogger) this month!  Because things weren't a mess enough already with moving the home. Although I did reward myself with gluten-free pizza. Because pizza.

Plenty of lists of reminders, follow-ups, and so on. One of the note sheets is our first rough draft of our overall cross-country route plan with daily destinations and approximate mileage for each. One of the sticky notes was the weekly meal plan of some convenience-type-fast-food-ish noms. Did I mention pizza already?

We also took a weekend road trip this month to Florida to meet up with some loved ones. As with last month, there was a packing list for the road trip. After a trip is over, these lists get stored in the past planner pages of the dates of the trips. They come in handy when planning new trips. When heading to a similar climate, location, business trip, etc., I find that referencing a previous, similar list makes a great template for the new trip pack list. Also, post-trip I try to remember to append the list with notes of things to remember, arrange, or pack better next time.

 Of course, while phone note apps make perfectly good lists, I like to see the old handwritten ones now and again. It conjures up in my mind stronger images of the road trip, train ride, plane travels and places visited than the electronic version. Especially since it tends to be stored alongside the dated pages, there tends to be other adjacent scribbles and notations to enhance the memories.

On that note (see what I did there??), next month should bring a lot more of those scribbles as we head west!
mini monthly - jan 2018

mini - jan 2018
lists, notes, things sticking out in all directions...
I swear there is a monthly list for January hiding somewhere but not visible in the photo 

I love it if I can ever be of help to someone else, although I tend to be very shy. Writing at this blog helps me with both of those. So, thank you very much for reading! :)

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  1. I love looking back at lists, notes of previous research etc., and they can often rejuvenate earlier ideas. I don't keep everything, usually just stuff that was hard to find in the first place. I get a better feel if it's written down somewhere, and so I only use Phone Notes for things I see whilst I'm out and about and need to remember. I love America, so what state are you moving to, if you don't mind my asking?

  2. Hi, Steve! The iPhone does have a nice Notes app. I think it's one of my favorites in the world of electronic notes, but I must say I miss the older version when it had that charming yellow lined note paper format! As for the big move - we're westward bound to Nevada! Abundant sunshine and way less bugs :)

  3. Nevada eh? That reminds me of the map showing the Ponderosa ranch at the start of the Bonanza TV series. Such romantic names for a little boy. Reno, Carson City and the rest. Still a nice feeling over 50 years on. I hope you have a wonderful life there.

  4. Thank you so much - I lived there for a few years before we got married, and we have some people we love in the area so we're very happy to be heading to our new home. Oh, in addition to the ranches... don't forget about the ghost towns! :)