Hello and welcome to my new blog

We are moving our blog, so everything is a mess for a bit. It's day one of moving day, yet we have no pizza or beer to offer you right this moment. Also, you might not be able to find what you're looking for because it hasn't been moved or unpacked yet. Some stuff is at the old place (WordPress) and some is over here somewhere needing to be unpacked.

If you were following or subscribed over at WordPress, and wish to remain so, you will need to resubscribe here in order to get updates from this new place.

Regardless, if you have a question or need any help at all, please get in touch (contact info is in the side column).

Thank you for your understanding and please pardon the mess! :)


  1. Well your new place looks really nice and welcoming. I hope you enjoy it there and I look forward to reading your stuff in the future!

    1. Hi and thank you so much, Steve!! I am so glad you made it here despite this Magical Mystery Tour. :)