January 2018 - How I used my Mini Filofax planner

Hello, again! This month, the movers loaded up everything we're not hauling ourselves on the road trip for our big move. Yes, it's nearly time! Now we're wrapping up details, odds and ends around here and getting things fired up at the new place!

Speaking of moving... if you're reading this (thank you!), you somehow found us even though we moved this blog (from WordPress to Blogger) this month!  Because things weren't a mess enough already with moving the home. Although I did reward myself with gluten-free pizza. Because pizza.

Plenty of lists of reminders, follow-ups, and so on. One of the note sheets is our first rough draft of our overall cross-country route plan with daily destinations and approximate mileage for each. One of the sticky notes was the weekly meal plan of some convenience-type-fast-food-ish noms. Did I mention pizza already?

We also took a weekend road trip this month to Florida to meet up with some loved ones. As with last month, there was a packing list for the road trip. After a trip is over, these lists get stored in the past planner pages of the dates of the trips. They come in handy when planning new trips. When heading to a similar climate, location, business trip, etc., I find that referencing a previous, similar list makes a great template for the new trip pack list. Also, post-trip I try to remember to append the list with notes of things to remember, arrange, or pack better next time.

 Of course, while phone note apps make perfectly good lists, I like to see the old handwritten ones now and again. It conjures up in my mind stronger images of the road trip, train ride, plane travels and places visited than the electronic version. Especially since it tends to be stored alongside the dated pages, there tends to be other adjacent scribbles and notations to enhance the memories.

On that note (see what I did there??), next month should bring a lot more of those scribbles as we head west!
mini monthly - jan 2018

mini - jan 2018
lists, notes, things sticking out in all directions...
I swear there is a monthly list for January hiding somewhere but not visible in the photo 

I love it if I can ever be of help to someone else, although I tend to be very shy. Writing at this blog helps me with both of those. So, thank you very much for reading! :)

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Hello and welcome to my new blog

We are moving our blog, so everything is a mess for a bit. It's day one of moving day, yet we have no pizza or beer to offer you right this moment. Also, you might not be able to find what you're looking for because it hasn't been moved or unpacked yet. Some stuff is at the old place (WordPress) and some is over here somewhere needing to be unpacked.

If you were following or subscribed over at WordPress, and wish to remain so, you will need to resubscribe here in order to get updates from this new place.

Regardless, if you have a question or need any help at all, please get in touch (contact info is in the side column).

Thank you for your understanding and please pardon the mess! :)

My first Mini Filofax :)

It is with much delight I occasionally have the treat to hear from someone who just got their very first Mini Filofax (even though the size is out of production).  I always smile and reminisce when I remember mine.

It was many moons ago. I had been using a Personal size already, and was going through a big transition in my life. I wanted a smaller organizer that would fit in my purse. I checked the catalog from the only place I knew of back then to purchase a Filofax - a shop in New York which I don't think is in business today.  And there I found my first-ever Mini.

I don't recall now if there were a lot to choose from. I selected a Mini Picadilly in blue. Not baby blue, not navy blue - but rather it's-so-blue!, bright, electric blue.  No shade of blue was my favorite color at the time, so I am not sure why it was chosen. It must have been calling to me!

When the package was delivered, I could hardly wait to see the organizer. I remember the floating feeling of near-disbelief when I opened the Filofax box. It's so tiny! Sheer astonishment that a normal, functioning planner could have been reduced to this miniature size. Needless to say it was love at first sight.

Instantly, it became a constant companion in my little black backpack-purse. I remember whipping it out of the purse all-abracadabra-like when trading numbers with someone. Fishing it out at lunches to jot down great ideas. Making notes while visiting towns and cities about the various areas to maybe live one day. What time the ferry will depart to the island. A list of flavors to bring back for folks when stopping to pick up the local must-have milkshake. Address of someone to mail a thank-you note. Most of these notes were scribbled in, sideways or not, sometimes haphazardly, in no sort of organized manner. The monthly and weekly calendars and address pages were used pretty much the same as I use them today.

I wish I had a picture of it to share, but I am happy to say I gifted it to a best friend over five years ago, and while it's not nearby for a photo shoot, it's in very good good hands. Though you can still get your sparkly eyes on by gazing at this lush Mini upon over at Sharondippity's page (thank you, Sharon!!).

Thank you for reading :)

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Benefits of daydreaming or zoning out | Hanging Up series

Last year when I started writing about ditching my smartphone habit, I mentioned the Bored & Brilliant Project series from New Tech City and Manoush Zomorodi's podcast Note to Self.  The project raises awareness on smartphone use and presents challenges to help evaluate your relationship with your phone.

Today's share is to a TED Talk that Manoush subsequently presented on the same subject.

Even though I have been on this endeavor for over a year now, it still amazes me how much work it has been to make this change (even just simple things like "checking things" all the time - the weather, facts, what movie was this guy in, how much is this on Amazon, etc.).

And now for your viewing pleasure, here is Manoush and her TED Talk!

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