November 2017 in my Mini Filofax planner

This month was largely dedicated to gearing up for major upcoming transitions in our lives - part of which is our upcoming cross-country move.

Prior to the big move, we are selling some things. The largest is our rare and vintage motorcoach, so there's been a lot of activity with showing it and having phone time with people near and far who want to see it. This coach wasn't a recreational rig for us, for some time it was our full-time home while we were assigned to various locations.

We are also selling our tiny workshop my husband designed and built by hand.

In addition, we are finding new homes for our Alaska extreme-cold-weather boating, camping, and outdoor gear that we no longer need. Our next planned locale will more about flip-flops at the campsite rather than sub-zero sleeping bags!

This sell-a-palooza really highlighted how long it takes me to make pictures, re-take pictures, upload them, download them, crop them, re-upload them, re-size them, and has caused me to question if I am just so crazy-slow at it, or if it takes anyone else as long.

We also finally got basic cell phones! For months, we'd cycled through several models of older basic cell phones that just didn't work well in our area's very weak signal. We eagerly tried the newest little Nokia 3310 with 3G and, yay!, success!

My Mini continues to faithfully provide comfort and support every day. Here, you can see behind the November pages is the list of my monthly focus items. This particular list is most certainly focused on the above-referenced sell-a-palooza! As from previous months, the simple yet meaningful yellow sticky of lovely and heartfelt reminders moves forward every month.

mini monthly - nov 2017

Thanksgiving was delightful and I'm so happy Egg Nog Season is well underway!

Warmest wishes of love and peace to you and yours for the holiday season. :)

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  1. Wow, that's some camper van, Heather haha. Here in the UK even commercial buses aren't that big. What exciting and freedom-loving lives you live. Do it whilst your still young, because you can't turn back time.

  2. Ha! That's hilarious! These went out of production some time ago and there's a nostalgic following. Fun fact - I found out after we got ours that before I was born, my granpa had worked at the bus company where they were built back in the day! Also, oddly enough we ended up living only a few hours away from where it was built. There are times when it really is a small world. Thank you for visiting, Steve! :)