Meet my Radley Mini organizer :)

It is no secret that I heart Minis waytoomuch.

Anyway, I make use of a purse-only Mini - it's not a wallet nor a planner; it's a simple, utility organizer. In my purse it stores:

  • notesheets and small supply of stickies

  • contact info for some family and closest friends

  • certain, select few cards that I always want with me (such as roadside assist)

  • stamps!

  • receipts collected when out doing shops and errands, or receipts for something that must be returned

  • If I'm at an appointment and they give a next-appointment card, it goes in there until I get back home where I input it into my main mini (planner)

  • It is the place where we write down dimensions of some odd thing we need to shop for at the store, or some thing we found at the store that we need to check when we get home

  • any shop lists on stickies I've been compiling in my main mini get transferred into purse mini when we head out

  • directions to a few important places where I drive infrequently, mostly remember how to get there but have back-up if I need a refresher

In making Mini size inserts, I have learned from other folks about other organizers that fit the Mini Filofax size refills. It's an impressive list, and one that tickles my heart is the Radley brand. My memory is Cathryn Cook had also began using a Radley mini as well some years ago. Sadly, I can't find her great blog anymore. Her blog was the first I'd ever heard of a Radley mini planner. I don't think they make these any longer.

The adorable Radley organizers I have viewed online are all very slim ring mechanisms. Mine is really tiny, I would venture to guess it is as slim as the Executive Mini Slim I had some years ago.

Earlier this year, this little pre-loved pup took over the purse mini duties.

And now, for the moment you've probably been waiting for... snaps!

The pom-pom, flower-y, fireworks here are actually each individual stitches of leather and thread.

Inside, there are some pockets and a lovely lining which coordinates with the exterior design.

That tiny little pocket you see on the left is lined with that same fabric! The pocket would be very handy for an emergency phone-call quarter, if you had one stashed for a payphone.

Another thoughtful feature you can see here is this nifty, attached, leather page marker. If you have diary or calendar sheets in here, you can just slip that little tethered Radley medallion into your current dates.

Here is the super-slim ring mechanism - also note that this model doesn't have the wallet pocket along the exterior backside, which makes the binder even slimmer. Perfect for my purse organizer since it's not my wallet.

And on back - the brand name and another poof.

I hope this was a fun viewing, and thank you for visiting! :)


  1. Another wonderful post, Heather. Keep them coming!

  2. I'm a bit disorganised today, so I'm sorry for having to append another comment. I used to like Cathryn Cook's blog, particularly when she went through her red Amazona phase. Her work always looked so neat and organised. If you search for her on Linkedin you'll see that she's the proprietor of Lucky Ducky Books, so she's still with us and I can't believe that she doesn't Filofax anymore! Perhaps she's just really busy with her professional life? Maybe she'll read your blog and become inspired again? Hope so.

  3. Hi, Steve! No apologies, please - your comments are always appreciated! Great info about Cathryn Cook; it does indeed sound like she might be wildly busy. She had written about her red Amazona Mini as a replacement for her Mini Balmoral (after its ring mechanism broke) if I recall correctly. Well, I remain hopeful for her return to blogging. Thank you so much for your kind words and for reading :)

  4. Aw, I still have my pockets and minis for when my life gets less crazy :) I like to keep looking at them meanwhile

  5. I miss using my pockets and mini- when my life gets less chaotic I will return to them.

  6. Hi, Sharondippity! I still have some Pocket size I can't let go because I love them so. Thank you for visiting and for your comment! :)