How small is a Mini Filofax planner?

I'm happy to say that I hear from folks who have just recently received their first-ever Mini planner. I also hear from people who are looking to get one and haven't seen one in person.

I remember when I purchased my first one, the dimensions of course tell you the size, although when you receive the delightfully shrunken tiny mini planner and see it for yourself for the very first time, it's quite irresistible. But I digress...

Here are some side-by-side examples of a few everyday items that might help give you a feel for the size of the Mini planner size.

First up, side by side with a US dollar bill:


Next, the ever-popular Sharpie marker:


Now with a gigantic iPhone 6 Plus:


For contrast, here's the much smaller Blackberry Q10 phone:


And this is a 3"x5" index card. Surprisingly, this photo seems to skew the scale. If you look closely at where the planner is resting on the surface, you can see slightly better that the index card is taller than the mini.


I hope this is useful and thank you for reading! :)


  1. Thank you Heather, a nice selection of Minis there!! Your dollar bill seems as long as it ever was!! Our notes here in the UK are getting smaller and smaller, and now made with a kind of plastic to make them last longer. Thanks for all your "Mini" posts.

  2. Hi, Steve! Thank you - I am so happy you like the posts. It is interesting how the currency notes keep evolving over time. Oh and the Topaz model in some of the snaps above was the limited edition Sapphire color. Thank you so much for reading and for your comment! :)