August 2017 in my Mini Filofax tiny planner

It's a busy week for us - we are moving.  Downsizing again into very tiny living space so it has taken some prep work and lots of careful consideration of which items to keep. We like living small and are continually evaluating items in our home.

The stickies on the monthly pages are my monthly focus items. Separate stickies for separate topics or areas.

mini monthly - august 2017

The sheets peeking out behind the weeks in these shots, below, are my current weekly focus lists. Separate sheets for separate projects or subjects. These stay in the middle of my week each week but I pushed them aside for this photo shoot. The tiny sticky note is my weekly dinner menu plan.
mini weekly july 31-aug 6

mini weekly aug 7-13

mini weekly aug 21-27

Thank you for reading. Wishing everyone a wonderful Labor Day Holiday Weekend (in every corner of the world!). :)


  1. Lovely to see such a well used and well organised Mini, and to know that it works so well for you. Thanks for the continuing blog, and I hope your move goes well and trouble free. Are you staying in the same State?

  2. Steve!!! Thank you so much for your thoughtful words. Move is going nicely and we have our Internet connection again now - ha! It is a local move still, although it is phase one of getting ready for our next bigger move (which will be out of state in about six months). Really appreciate your visiting our little blog and wishing you a wonderful weekend! :)