Surprise! Good news about gappy rings (Filofax Mini)

Wait for it... my Filofax mini Bloomsbury has gappy rings - and I didn't even know it!

Over the past few years, I recall seeing many comments and posts about ring gaps on planners, and I think it was mostly Filofax (?). I hadn't actually had any notice of such an issue in my use of planners all of this time so I didn't delve into the topic.

Which brings me to this particularly funny observation of now. I've only just swapped this very dear to me mini Bloomsbury (my tiny black book) away from being my main binder recently. Using it now for some work notes (not fully set up).  Anyway, as I was just putting some paper and inserts into the Bloomsbury and I saw it. Gappy ring!  I was like, no, that can't be. I didn't have any problems using this binder. Now, please note these rings are so tiny. In order to verify my finding, I had to practically hold this binder right up to my eyeball for visual zoom-in. Then I had to try and focus a camera on it - I'm not great with a camera so it wasn't easy for me!

So, I spent some time flipping and flicking papers back and forth over those gappy little rings and guess, what? Nothing! Just business as usual - joy! Had I not seen them, I believe I'd still be blissfully unaware of the gaps. No idea how long they've been there.

In conclusion, I'm super-happy to report that in this case, the gappy rings aren't causing any issues. Maybe because it's so small it doesn't matter so much. I imagine things are different on different binders although I just had to spread the cheerful word that it most certainly isn't always a bad deal. :)


  1. This might work for you:

  2. Thank you very much for that, and for visiting! :)

  3. Now I'm jonesin for photos of your planner set up :)

  4. Hi! This tiny black Bloomsbury mini has been keeping some lists and notes of vanilla folders stuff. It's a scrappy little notebook at best, lol! Of course my main mini is always a mess as well. I am not a pretty planner! So happy to see you here :)