Still using my Filofax mini :)

Ok, so I don't post very often (hardly ever!). Although I have had a wonderful last few years! I've moved out of state - twice - once up to amazing Alaska and then all the way to nearly-Florida. For the move down, it was a glorious, summertime road trip in a 1993 motorhome through Alaska and Canada and then across the US visiting family and friends along the way. The reason for the moves is the best news of all - I married the most amazing guy I've ever known and he was one of my best friends for many years before!

During all of this time, my beloved mini has been onboard.

The last time I posted about planners, I was using a personal size for my daily use in a combination of some work I was doing from home and my own personal stuff. It was worth a try, and the system worked fine, although it didn't last long because I've never liked seeing any work stuff blended with my personal stuff! Even now, I still have a beautiful personal-size Siena that holds a lot of things that I don't need as a daily planner but more like a reference book for some stuff.

One of the nicest things about my beloved mini is how every time I see it or pick it up I am delighted. I think  this is in part because it's dedicated to being a personal book rather than a work book.

I've got a few minis that I can use to rotate between, or as a place to store any archive pages, etc. It is hard to believe Filofax has stopped making these joyous little planners. Thankfully, they can still be found through other means although not as readily.

Even though the mini pages are very, very small, I am consistently amazed how much a sheet can contain. Mini pages may not be suited to lengthy note-taking, yet they can hold a good bit of information!

Anyway, I love reading or hearing how others use their minis as planners. I've got plans, calendars, to-do lists, ideas, and important (select) contact info in mine, along with a mess of assorted stickies, papers, receipts, stamps and some sentimental sparkly bits!

Thank you for reading! : )


  1. What a great review. Funny, as I am considering reusing my mini. Great idea's for my own mini.

  2. Got to your blog via Philofaxy. Thanks for your in depth February post about your Mini. I love the Mini format but need ideas from people like yourself who really get stuck in. Thanks again for posting.

  3. I'm very sorry Filofax discontinued the Mini. I use mine as a wallet, and I have two more Minis hoarded away for whenever my current one wears out.

  4. Thank you, Maria! I would love to read about how you use your mini, too! : )

  5. Hi, Steve and thank you! The system of using a fine tip pen or pencil, writing small or making shorter reminders, and liberal sticky note use seems to to give great range to making a mini into an effective planner. Another thing is constant review of contents. Nothing should get stuck in there that is not useful or needed! Would love to hear about your ideas on the mini as well! : )

  6. Robert, I agree! I was gutted. Indeed they make a great wallet and/or a planner, although mine is a dedicated planner. Would love to know if you keep any sheets in the rings or if yours is all for the card holders. Thank you for commenting! : )

  7. I do keep paper on the rings--I have address pages and lined pages, but I only use them as scratch paper, and of course I keep a pen in the pen loop.