My tiny black book (my massive Mini Filofax)

Note: for 2017 update on mini planner setup - please see here. : )

Sometimes this little black book can get messy but it sure does work hard.

Currently, I'm running a Filofax mini Bloomsbury in black, and I have to say it's an amazing planner. It's a very soft leather and it lays flat. One quality I think I gravitate toward in the Filofax appreciation is the softer, more flexible (or even floppy binders - such as the Kensington).

Any-who, here is what currently lives in my mini.

Front: clear plastic pocket window. For some reason, the only ones I can find for the mini are the side-opening type, which means you have to remove it from the rings to put any bits in here. So, I sliced an (uneven) opening along the top. The goal was, of course, to be a perfectly straight slice but I have never been able to cut anything straight, so you can tell this binder is mine already from page one. The bits contained here include the standard fare: some stamps, some calling cards with my name, any thing attractive or cute that suits my fancy and is fun to look at. Sometimes I will affix a sticky note to the top with a reminder or something (the current sticky is a nice phrase I saw somewhere recently).

mini inside front cover

Next up, behind a clear plastic cover sheet is the monthly calendars for the year, which I explained recently in this post. One full year of months stays in the mini full-time. Instead of a page marker/ruler here, I just divide the pages with a colorful paperclip by clipping it over the months already past.

mini monthly feb 2013

Weekly sheets follow behind the monthly sheets. I only keep about 4-6 weeks of weeklies in there at a time, because the monthlies serves as my forward planning. The weeklies for days past get pulled out regularly, and go into a journal Filofax (you guessed it, another post coming!). I slip a yellow, lined note sheet in the middle of the current week and write down all those little things that need to be done now-ish and if the don't all get done, I simply move it to the next week and keep writing on it. From time-to-time, there is more than one yellow sheet inside of a week, and while there is little chance they will all get done in that week, they are on my mind right now so they stay here until done or not so pressing anymore. My 'today" marker is the brown one. I write grocery shopping or drug store lists onto tiny sticky notes and then tack them onto that today ruler and when I hit the store, I just take the sticky note out to take around the shop with me.

mini weekly

a past week - yellow sheet already moved to current week

After the weeklies, I have a blank tab (right now since I know what's behind the tabs  I don't label them), and behind this tab is, well, a lot. I list out what bills I have for the month and check those off as I pay them. Then there are 12 pages of to-do's and ideas of things I want to figure out, notes of what I'd like to blog, things my family and friends might like, etc.

Next section (another blank tab), is where I record my inspirational thoughts, things that matter to me, creative thoughts, stuff like that. A happy place. This drawing was attached to the store tag on a pair of handmade knit gloves I purchased a few years ago. It makes a nice first sheet in this section of my mini.

mini inspiration and creativity

Finally, the last (blank) tab is the info section. A few phone numbers here are written down even though they may be in my phone. Phones can be lost, batteries can die, other people talking on your phone, or when you are talking on your phone it makes it more difficult to access important numbers. So I have one page of places like car repair place, some doctors, and a few other key numbers, then a page of just my immediate family's numbers and one of closest friends.This section also contains a few notes of things I might need when out of the house: my HVAC filter size, my account numbers and telephone numbers for my bank. Stuff like that.

I also like to use another plastic pocket with a few snaps of family or friends.

The final section is not present on all Filofax models. It's the "wallet" pocket that, when you open the Filofax, creates a full-length wallet opening on the back. I only use pocket and mini Filofaxes with the wallet pocket as I've grown to rely on this section.  This is where I will put a receipt for an item that needs to go back to the store, some more snaps of loved ones, or anything else that seems right.I also keep a mini binder clip anchored there in case I need it for something.

mini top view of wallet pocket

That pretty much sums it up! Thank you for reading : )


  1. I love to see someone else who uses a Bloomsbury! I'm simply in love with mine, and it seems like they are very uncommon.

  2. Hi! Thank you for your visit and your comment. Isn't it such a nice binder. They are from back in the day when they offered really nice binders and I wish they'd return to that state of quality. Bloomsbury was especially fun because of the great colors, too - tomato, teal, orange... and classic black of course! What color and size is yours? : )

  3. Mine is a perfect bright pink! I think it's a compact-although the inside just says personal. The rings are quite small, but I make it work. I agree with you about the quality. I had a Malden and I was a die hard member of the "Maldens are perfect!" group, but that all changed when I got my Bloomsbury. I thought the rings on my Malden were good, but as soon as I opened the rings on my Bloomsbury I could tell the difference in quality! I've thought about switching back to the Malden, because I do miss the bigger rings, but every time I try to I can't get past the rings. My Bloomsbury just has such tight perfect rings!!

  4. Oooooo - now I recall that lovely pink! That is a shame about your Malden rings as it would be nice to be able to swap when you need to. This is kind of funny about the Bloomsbury - way back in the day, before any online stores would post multiple shots of the binders, I hesitated to order it because I had the impression from the picture that you had to slip the leather closure belt through that little belt loop on the front of the Filofax just to close it. I didn't realize it was just a faux belt loop covering a snap closure, LOL! =D

  5. Hello! I do have a question, will a credit card fit into the mini sized plastic envelope?

  6. Hi! If you slice one of those Filofax envelopes across the top like I did, you should be able to pop in a card or two. Possibly you could also get some of those plastic wallet credit card holders and somehow hack them to work in there. Good luck and thanks for your comment! : )

  7. Hello! I just checked and it certainly does. Just remember that the Filofax brand plastic envelopes for the mini are sold with the opening to the side so you would have to remove it from the rings whenyou need to take the card out (unless you slice the envelope across the top like I did). Keep us posted! :)

  8. Hey, I' so happy I found your blog! I have a metropol mini and desperatly searching for these monthly sheets. The monthlies would give me a better overview, but I can't find them anywhere in mini size :( So, where did you get them from?

    Greetings from Germany,
    xx Pia

  9. Loved reading this article! I actually did a tutorial on clear side pockets for cards if any of you ladies are interested.

  10. : awesome! ^_^ can't wait to receive my orders, one pocket sketch & one domino mini. thank you for the tips! ^_^